By Milène Guermont.


On April 28, 1958, Yves Klein opened his exhibition LE VIDE ("the emptiness" in English).

65 years later, Milène Guermont unveils her «STORE-POEME» on the facade of MAISON GUERMONT which questions «the fullness». Here the writings are not in IKB (International Klein Blue) on a white background but ... by contrast in white on a BCDP background (BLEU CIEL DE PARIS*). 


To see on Instagram or in reality in Paris in front of the total artwork MAISON GUERMONT.


With the kind permission of the Yves Klein Foundation.


* The BLEU CIEL DE PARIS (BLUS SKY OF PARIS in English) is a conceptual work created for the total artwork MAISON GUERMONT. It forms a trinity with gold and white.     


extrait du STORE POEME dévoilé 65 ans après le vide d'Yves Klein