Since a few decades already, to be more precise since 1972, we have abandoned the Moon. Who does not dream about a ‘Second Moon’, about a second time on the Moon?
It is a wonderful experience to be an astronaut. It is also a cruel one: because an astronaut’s memory is a man’s memory, and this experience is so extra-ordinary that it is in fact out-of-reach of our memory. What we can retain from these beyond-belief moments is, alas, so thin as compared to the feeling we have sensed, and, when touching Milene Guermont’s work, made from an innovating concrete, we can nearly access directly to what the Apollo astronauts must have felt when they stepped on the Moon. Some of them told me what it was like, with passion, this sensation of plenitude which took over their body. Focusing my mind on my most beautiful spatial emotions, I could trace, for a couple of seconds, a vanishing memory: blue and fragile vision of our planet, sailing through the infinitely obscure, eternal, darkness of the universe.
I send here a vibrant ‘Thank you’ to Guermont. She tries to revive through Art and Sciences intimately mixed what Humans may sometimes uncover in this world, what is the most beautiful in it, just at our hand, or so much further away… 


Patrick Baudry
Astronaut - UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, 2008




Concrete stars


Through two holes of a black box, we can discover PLANETS PHOSPHO.

These celestial bodies are formed by concrete and by yellow, green and blue phosphorescent aggregates of various sizes. They are reflected in mirrors into infinity.

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Concrete levitation


These WILD PLANETS are made of concrete but they seem to float.
Each of these stars has its own identity by its birth, its name, its form, its peculiarities, its course.

When you approach it, you can appreciate its uniqueness with flashes of light, craters, faults, matte parts, colors, lakes, rings,…

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Detail of the first artwork by Milène made of Craters Concrete (filed patent)