Milène Guermont is a magician, a magician of concrete. Pass in front of the wall of a school and you hear the children's laughter.
Run your hand across a beautiful table, and the noise of the sea invades you.
She is the queen of the ‘metamorphosis of concrete’ (this magnificent material which is imposing by its massive nature). She softens it and gives it a voice, which little by little becomes its own language.
We can say that she has created a new poetic way that superimposes onto the forms of architecture.


National Grand Prize of Architecture, medal of the Central Union of the Decorative Arts, 2012



A folie created with Claude Parent


Claude Parent and Milène Guermont have presented THE PEARL OF LAOS, their "folie", in June 2011 at the Cartier Foundation.

Ten architects were asked to propose a project for a "folie" within the framework of the development of the Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden in Laos.

THE PEARL OF LAOS is an oblique and emotional, active and polysensual architecture.
Starting from the sponge of the space, Claude Parent, Member of the Academy of Architecture, and Milène Guermont created the evanescence of THE PEARL OF LAOS, by playing with the material as if it was physically and mentally bouncing.

Exhibition at Cartier Foundation, Paris


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