Milène Guermont is a « scientific Artist » who likes making the largest number discover her artworks, in particular within the public place.
[…] Always in this idea to dialogue with unpublished spaces, she has realized a very symbolic state commission: INSTANTS, a long-lasting sculpture conceived for the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Landing. Installed in the breach n° 00 of Utah Beach, this artwork is formed by several modules shaping “Polaroids” that each offers a sea view. Inside each one, veterans' handprints are engraved in the concrete. They suggest the historic breakthrough of the Allies while giving the beautiful part to the power of the poetic imagination of the author. For Guermont the art is a place for exchanges, conversational and interactive. The concrete is for her a boatman of feelings and of questions.
Her artworks push material to its limits and really give a strange impression of lightness. If they are frequently technological exploits, they are not less poetic.


Vincent Delaury
Art critic, extract from ART ET ANIMALITE, directed by Hélène Singer, Editions LIGEIA, 2016 



Breakthrough in the Atlantic Wall


Commissioned by the General Council of La Manche, INSTANTS celebrates the 70th anniversary of the landing in the breach n° 00 (which is a classified site) of the “Atlantic Wall”.

From the front view, the sculpture materializes this "opening" by three modules shaping “Polaroïds”, thus making a reference to the "instant photographs" of the eponymous American company.

Inside each module of INSTANTS, landing veterans' hand prints are engraved in the concrete to symbolize the breakthrough which they opened. INSTANTS draws the link between past and present by illustrating, in a contemporary and permanent way, this key episode of the Second World War.



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